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1. Fast Finish - 60cc syringe
2. B-N-M Paste - 60cc syringe
3. All-in-One Paste - 80cc syringe

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FarmPaint.com :: Equine Care :: Nutritional Supplements

Tenda's all-natural equine nutritional supplements and performance formulas offer the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to help your horse perform at his very best. Each horse supplement is made with premium raw ingredients, and steadfast attention to detail ensuring both quality and consistency in your horse care routine.

Nutritional Supplements

All-in-One Paste - 80cc syringe
See details
All-in-One Paste - 80cc syringe
SKU: Q4011

An Advanced Formulation for the Equine Athlete
All-in-One Paste™ features a complete combination of key ingredients to address the primary needs of every performance horse. Includes a unique blend of B-vitamins to increase both comfort and focus.

Our price: $13.49

B-Calm - 30cc syringe
See details
B-Calm - 30cc syringe
SKU: Q4044

Specially Designed to Calm the Equine Athlete Without Affecting Performance
B-Calm is specially formulated for any equine athlete to assist in managing the situational stress associated with a competitive environment.

Our price: $11.29

B-N-M Daily - 32 oz
See details
B-N-M Daily - 32 oz
SKU: Q4003

All Natural Supplement for Performance Horses

Our price: $98.98

B-N-M Paste - 60cc syringe
See details
B-N-M Paste - 60cc syringe
SKU: Q4001

An All Natural Paste for Performance Horses
Formerly called Bleed-No-More™ this all natural paste for performance horses is a natural source of energy for the equine athlete.

Our price: $12.04

Fast Finish - 60cc syringe
See details
Fast Finish - 60cc syringe
SKU: Q4007

A Test Free Pre-Race Paste that is A Superior Source of Energy for the Equine Athlete
Stay Longer and Finish Faster!

Our price: $7.36

Race Day Formula - 80cc syringe
See details
Race Day Formula - 80cc syringe
SKU: Q4009

Essential Electrolytes for the Equine Athlete
Race Day Formula™ is a comprehensive blend of Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids formulated to closely match and replace the electrolytes lost as sweat during equine performance.

Our price: $8.29

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